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Lush, green grass in a few short weeks with AGgrand liquid organic fertilizer.
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Get more bushels out of your Farm or Pasture using AGgrand products! Get better,  more nutrient dense produce and healthy trees naturall with AGgrand! Greener, healthier, richer lawns are easy with AGgrand!
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Commercial buyers; Perspective Preferred Customer and Dealers

Commercial customers & Farms just call  1-800-579-0580  as we can sign you up for wholesale buying over the phone. You may first want to request some basic info but it's identical to the PDF files on this site.
Canada please call   905-510-9437  Request to be signed up as a Commercial Account or preferred if not a farm.

If you would like to be a dealer or if you are not a commercial user the preferred customer gives you a great deal all the time.

As a Dealer or Preferred Customer, you get:

  1. Wholesale Pricing. Save about 30% per case of fertilizer! Includes all AMSOIL and ALTRUM products. AMSOIL will mail you the price guide and products packet and send updates when anything is added.
  2. Shipping discounts apply and pick up at warehouses is also available. (11 national warehouses)
  3. Receive a packet with product descriptions, package sizes, and the LARGE Preferred Customer Price Guide.
  4. The AMSOIL News magazine will be mailed to you in addition to the quarterly AGGRAND NEWS. This publication is a very important part of you membership as AMSOIL has been adding and improving several new products. 2012 has brought along some great products. Amsoil will save you money!
  5. Preferred Customers may upgrade their membership to an AMSOIL-AGGRAND dealer at any time for one of the most rewarding income opportunities available - Ask about my many success stories and our AMSOIL Retail Store.

Signing up is easy. You can do it 1 of 3 ways:

Download an Application
& Mail it in.
Apply Online Become a Dealer

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Pay the base dealer cost and have all the resources at your fingertips. Preferred Customers pay the same pricing as dealers for AGGRAND, ALTRUM and parent company AMSOIL. You can join now and order but we will also send you the full packet so you have everything on hard copy. Save up to 35%. Just mail in the form or keep reading to order now.

AGGRAND is part of AMSOIL INC, so to become a preferred customer you are becoming a AMSOIL preferred customer also.

Just $20.00 per year for your Preferred Customer membership (or the trial membership for 6-months $10.00). Buy AGGRAND - ALTRUM and AMSOIL products at wholesale prices direct from the warehouses.

Preferred customers can then order direct w/ AGGRAND or us is you don't want to wait on hold or online. Please call if you have questions about this.  800-579-0580 

Ches Cain
AMSOIL Regency PLATINUM Direct Jobber
Top 3 in Dealr Group Sales.
Organic Fertilizers - Sioux Falls, SD

We ship to all 50 states daily. 11 warehouse locations including Alaska. We can usually have your order to you in 2 to 4 days. AGGRAND's Corporate offices and manufacturing located in Superior Wisconsin. Liquid Organic Fertilizer is located in Sioux Falls, SD. We serve as a full service dealer for the entire country.

AGGRAND is a AMSOIL company. AMSOIL is committed to reduce environmental contamination and excess use of lubricants & fertilizers which cause problems to crops and ground water. Did you know more damage to ground water occurs due to residential lawn fertilizer than all the agriculture land combined? Use AGGRAND to counter this effect and stop spending money of products which have destroyed freshwater throughout the united States.

AMSOIL also helps consumers save money and reduces dependence on foreign oil and gasoline. Please see our AMSOIL website at 1-800-579-0580 Ches Cain AMSOIL/AGGRAND Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
Ches Cain AMSOIL/AGGRAND Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
US 1-800-579-0580    Canada 905-510-9437
AGgrand Liquid Organic Fertilizer

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