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Fall Aggrand News 2013 Fall Aggrand News 2013


Organic Producers Fetch Premium
Prices, Build Healthy Soil

AGGRAND Fertilizers Help Garlic Farmer
Save Crop in Wet Season

& Walt's Corner feature: Fertilizing With AGGRAND:
When and Why

Summer Aggrand News 2013 Summer Aggrand News 2013

Golden Gate Park Flourishes With AGGRAND Fertilizers
Roses Thrive With AGGRAND
& Walts Corner: AGGRAND Quality Control:
What it Means to Us, What it
Means to You

Winter Aggrand News 2013 Winter Aggrand News 2013
Aggrand Hay  - "It's like Candy To Them"
Unusual Recommendations

Higher Feed Value

Fall Aggrand News 2012 Fall Aggrand News 2012
Two-Fold Increase in Hay Production
Bonemeal (Liquid) Exploring the World of P!
More Hay Production Increases And saves money
Pistachio Crop - Extraordinary Results!


Summer Aggrand News 2012 Summer Aggrand News 2012

New Aggrand Organic Series Meets Standards for Growers
Liquid Lime - PH and Calcium Deficiency
Dealer Loves AGGRAND in his own Garden
"We told you so" Results Impress Conventional Fertilizer User.

Spring Aggrand News 2012 Spring Aggrand News 2012
Dealer Develops Versatile Sprayer for Aggrand Products.
Walt's Corner on Kelp & Sulfate of Potash - Must Read!
USDA Biobased Label
New Aggrand Testimonial Brochure

Winter Aggrand News 2012 Winter Aggrand News 2012
Retired Chemist tests Aggrand on Orchids
Aggrand Training Success
Walt earns CCA status!

Summer AGGRAND News 2011 Summer Aggrand News 2011
AGGRAND Quality Sells
Customers, Big and Small
AGGRAND Fertilizers Part of Growing Trend Toward Natural Products
Brussels Sprouts Cultivation
Dealer’s California Growers Endorse
AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers (Almond Growers)
New Food Plot Video

 Spring Aggrand News 2011 Spring Aggrand News 2011
Popularity of AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers continues to grow
AGGRAND 4-3-3 has gained certification into the USDA
BioPreferred Program.

AGGRAND Improves Natural Liquid Lime Formulation
New 2011 growth plot study
Ready for food plot season?

 Fall 2010 - Topics Winter 2011 News Topics
Study Documents AGGRAND Quality
Lawn Business Thrives w/ Sprayer system

Fall 2010 - Topics Fall 2010 - Topics
AGGRAND Excels in 2010 Growth Plots
Tennessee Garden thrives on AGGRAND
Get Your Compost Cooking for Next Year

Summer 2010 - Topics Summer 2010 - Topics
AGGRAND Impresses in 'Corn Country'
Hail Damage in Test Plots
New Wildlife Food Plot Formula!
Winter Wheat Harvest

Spring 2010 - Topics Spring 2010 - Topics
New AGGRAND Research Area
June Potato Plots
Walt's New Role - Helping Customers!!
House Plants Adore Aggrand!

Winter 2010 - Topics Winter 2010 - Topics
“The hay crop did pretty darn well,” - In rough conditions
Richard Holappa named AGGRAND research & development manager.
Kansas City Golf Course testimonial
Home Made Boom Sprayer

Fall 2009 - Topics
Farm Saves Big, Salvages Wheat Harvest with Aggrand
Melons Thrive with AGGRAND in Hot Dry Growing Season

Summer 2009 - Topics:
Hydrophonic Growing
Avocado w/ Aggrand beats Monsantos Miracle Gro
Keys for Sucessful spraying AGGRAND

Spring 2009 Topics
Farmer - 50% increase profits w/ Aggrand
Dealer's business growth thanks to Aggrand
Spray Nozzle Tips

Winter 2009 Aggrand News

Fall 2008 Aggrand News

Summer 2008 Aggrand News

Spring 2008 Aggrand News

Winter 2008 Aggrand News

Fall 2007 Aggrand News

Summer 2007 Issue
Yours Truly featured in this issue regarding income opportunities
for AGGRAND demand

Spring 2007 Issue


Winter 2007 AGGRAND NEWS (509K)
AGGRAND Generates Outstanding Corn Yield
Who Makes the AGGRAND Products?
Why Seeweed in AGGRAND Products?
Feed Your Christmas Cactus for Next Flowering
Dealer Saves Plants, Finds customer at Ford Dealership.

Fall 2006 AGGRAND NEWS (PDF 559k) Incredable AGGRAND Hay Yields
Fall Lawn Program
Bring Tomatoes Indoors
Fall Houseplant Care
Chrysanthemum Time
National Food Plot Expert Touts AGGRAND!

Summer 2006 AGGRAND NEWS (PDF 523k) AGGRAND Takes Off!

Spring 2006 AGGRAND NEWS (PDF 156k)Deer Love AGGRAND Food Plots
Perfect AGGRAND Raspberries
Better Tomato
Transplanting Tip

Winter 2006 AGGRAND NEWS (PDF 388k) AGGRAND Corn Experiment Pays Off
Cranberry Crop - History/Health
Weed problems diagnose soil problems
Great Compost Tips
Soil Test Kits

Fall 2005 AGGRAND News (PDF 397k)Stunning Growth with 4-3-3
Wildlife Food Plot Tips
Prepare Lawns For Winter

Summer 2005 AGGRAND News (PDF 397k)Hay Farm Saves Big with AGGRAND
Organic VS. Chemical Lawn Care
Lime Q & A

Spring 2005 AGGRAND News (PDF 405k) AGGRAND for AMSOIL Dealers (Parent Company) - Sales tips
Liquid Lime Vs. Dry Lime

Winter 2005 AGGRAND News (PDF 339k) Growing Herbs Indoors with AGGRAND
Unraveling the Mystery of Fertilizer Numbers
Test Prove Efficacy of AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer
Winter Decomposing Time

Fall 2004 AGGRAND News (PDF327k)

Summer 2004 AGGRAND News (PDF439k)

Spring 2004 AGGRAND News (PDF 272k)

Winter 2003 AGGRAND News (PDF 293k)

Fall 2003 AGGRAND News (PDF 330k)

May-June 2003 AGGRAND NEWS (PDF 136k)

Jan-Feb 2003 AGGRAND NEWS (PDF 224k)

Nov-Dec 2002 AGGRAND NEWS (PDF 229k)

Sept-Oct 2002 AGGRAND NEWS (PDF 123k)

July-August 2002 AGGRAND NEWS (PDF 221k)


SPRING 2012  - Article from Walt's Corner (Aggrand's Certified Crop Advisor)

 Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash:
’Health Food for Plants'

Every now and then here at AGGRAND, we look at ourselves and ask: Why aren't we selling more Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 (NKP)?

This product is a highly concentrated health food for plants, which makes it a no-brainer for savvy AGGRAND users. So, here's some information we hope will make it another one of the must-have pro ducts in your AGGRAND stable.

AGGRAND developed Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash as a primarily potassium- and sulfur-based product for foliar applications and potassium supplementation.

Powerful Ingredients for Plants
Walts CornerKelp provides growth hormones, trace minerals and potassium. When applied to wine grapes, studies show that kelp extract increases yield, disease resistance and wine quality. Sulfate of potash provides a balanced source of potassium and sulfur readily absorbed by plants. Fulvic acid helps usher other nutrients into the plant via a process called chelation, and humic acid provides increased microbial activity in the root zone.

 Plants need potassium to develop thicker cell walls and stronger stalks, helping to avoid and insect mouthparts. This helps protect plants from disease and damage, both in the field and after harvest. Potassium also can be absorbed more readily through the leaf cell walls than the other macronutrients, and when combined with the sulfur in the Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash, creates an ionically balanced nutrient combination more easily used by plants in both root and foliar applications. Sulfur is critical to nitrogen fixation and photosynthesis, and in the formation of proteins and oils, so it is important in the development of high nutritional value in legume forages like alfalfa and cover, as well as higher quality and extended shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

'You Will See a Difference'
What all this means for you is plants that are more vigorous, more tolerant of heat and drought (thicker cell walls) and more nutritious (better protein synthesis).

Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash can be mixed with water at a fairly low concentration (1 percent to 2 percent) and be quite effective. Plants can absorb nutrients up to 20 times faster through the leaf cuticle than through the roots, though in significantly smaller quantities; however, it is enough to promote a significant response.
Growers can either apply AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash on a calendar basis (every 2 weeks), or on the basis of the plant's stage of development: first true leaves, budbreak, flowering, etc. Just check the AGGRAND crop or garden guide (G2793 and G1292, available here for the specific application. If you aren't sure, apply bi-weekly for fast-growing plants or monthly for perennial crops.
A great method for foliar application of AGGRAND Kelp and Sulfate of Potash is using a hand pump or backpack sprayer. Just mix about 2 ounces Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash per gallon of water and soak as much of the leaf surface, top and bottom, as possible with the solution. 1-800-579-0580 Ches Cain AMSOIL/AGGRAND Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
Ches Cain AMSOIL/AGGRAND Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
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