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Health & Organic News
Important Health and Political Articles

Related to your health freedom, access to fresh Organic Food and the war on the food supply.

 Consider this the single clip which will update you on the true evil we face from the FDA.

Natural Health and Wellness

This site (below) is brought to you by one of the most educated on the subject - Dr.Annie Angelova-Sawyer N.D.; Ph.D. I suggest you log this into your favorites. The Doctor is available for consultation by appointment coast to coast.

Beyond Holistic - Natural Health and Wellness

Watermelons lower blood pressure as good as statins and provide many other benefits

"We are the first to document improved aortic hemodynamics in pre-hypertensive but otherwise healthy middle-aged men and women receiving therapeutic doses of watermelon,"  - Something the drug industry does not want you to know!! Read the rest of this article and others at Natural News.


Natural Health, Natural Wealth, Natural Living Leader of Alternative news and health - Corporate media's biggest enemy.

WAR Waged Over Organic Food

Ohio Farm Family Sues State, County ‘Food Nazis' Over Raid on Home, Organic Food Co-Operative
Pat Shannan of American Free Press

Wal-Mart Declares War on Organic Farmers -  Partners with Agribusiness for Corporate Takeover


 Your GMO learning center - Jeffrey Smith Author of "Seeds of Deception"
Please watch and share. Vote with your wallet by buying non GMO foods today!

Monsanto weeds have taken root throughout academia
The highly respected publishing group Oxford University Press (OUP), which is considered to be the largest university press in the world, appears to be actively diluting its rigorous publishing standards at the behest of corporate interests. A recent report by Frances Moore Lappe over at AlterNet explains how one OUP published book in particular that promotes the use of genetically-modified (GM) crops lacks even basic citations -- and OUP apparently sees absolutely nothing wrong with this.

The Dangers of Genetically Modified Food - Jeffery Smith Lecture

Jeff Smith - The effects of genetically modified foods

Homeland Security is Working for Monsanto
Basically, what is owned by the biotech/industrial food system and killing people is “good” and what is from nature, healing, and free to humanity, has been redefined as a biologic threat, and potentially as bioterrorism. This should come as no surprise, really, given the takeover of the US government by Monsanto and the parallel redefinition of patriotic Americans as terrorists, too.

GMO World Wide info Database

Aspartame Stories

High-Level Machinations Ensured FDA Approval of Known Toxin


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