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About Us

Ask about the "Organic Manual" a 180 page guide to Natural Organic Gardening.

 We were featured in the Summer 2007 newsletter from our parent company (AMSOIL-AGGRAND) please consider joining us as a dealer - a great way to add part time income! I have been in the top 10 dealers for these products for some time now.

It all started for me in about 1997. - My brother bought the house next door and while I was busy building my AMSOIL business not having a lot of time to tend to the yard and exterior of the house (practically none at all), he had started an organic program which I had zero knowledge on the subject. All I thought was it would be nice to do the same here but it’s not a priority, not really essential and with my schedule there is just too much to learn to do the organic program properly.

So we went from the above to a almost totally organic lifestyle including better food choices not to mention singling out those corporations which benefit from destroying or controlling the food supply (GMO crops & bagged fertilizer w/ unknown toxins).

At the time, not being aware of the toxins and long term destruction of chemical fertilizers, I always thought, “Why bother with a organic program when I can go down to the home improvement store and just dump a bag of fertilizer, water occasionally and cut when I have time? He did after all, make it clear that he was subscribing to some newsletter and reading quite a bit on the subject.

This was more clouded by the thought that to keep your yard up, the subject of agriculture was much too complex and time consuming requiring a degree on the subject. Manipulating the soil to the commoner is only accomplished via that bag of fertilizer or that high dollar chemspray company. I recall for almost 20 years (on a AM talk station) a well known garden talk show in the area, had always assured you that you were doing the right thing if: “This week it’s time to mix this chemical and dump this here, here and here, then next week you need to spray 4 ounces of this and apply with that but be sure to wear a mask and gloves. (by the way - there are now several cedar oil products on the market which are harmless to humans and beneficial insects but will kill and repel pests.)

He’s sold several books with sponsors being of the big garden product varieties, which center around a calendar from his organization. (You had to become a member to get the calendar of doom) His diatribe on the calendar makes you feel as though you would be lost if you did not get it. The calendar kept your maintenance on track and hopefully locked you in their routine of unsustainable gardening.

It’s just a bad system and only now people are making the switch everywhere!! No more chemical lawns for me. No more Miracle Grow, Scotts/Monsanto, weed & feeds, dangerous and expensive compounds, Diazinon, Dursban, most of which are owned by the GMO seed company - Monsanto.

Once making the switch to “Natural Organics” you see the other side and wonder about this strange hold people have to chemical fertilizers and how powerful these manufacturers are when they can sell a product where the consumer has no idea what he or she is getting. It’s almost like an addiction. Well perhaps it is - they create the conditions they are there to fix - every time. The cycle never ends! Weeds and pests thrive in dead soils. Soils with no microbal life are the result of these fertilizers and weed & feeds requiring their use time after time. More toxins enter the ground in residential areas then commercial due to this practice but the controlled corporate media wont go near this story.

I have noticed recently their television advertisements are almost the same as synthetic pharmaceutical products. They have that same “everything is so simple, wonderful and life is so great” acoustic string music when to be fair for what the product is – should feature traumatizing Moog synthesizer sounds.

One of my strongest impressions occurred when reading an article from the “Honey Hole” fishing magazine called “32 Days on the Clear Fork of the Brazos”. This was a true canoeing expedition where the writer ended up running very low on water a couple days short. He avoided using his water purification kit due to pesticide and herbicide run off from the ranches and farms during a recent rain and problems affiliated with the river at flood stage. An Aggrand farm would not create this outcome.

Before I would ask, "why grow a garden to save a buck on my favorite foods when the farmers market is just 8 minutes away for a fair price?" Then I found out that most of the produce sold there was from Mexico where the control of soil contamination is not even considered. If you are unsure about the origin of the produce you eat, throw it away! (this by no means should be meant as a deterrent to any farmers markets, in fact we support and buy from them,. This was regarding a farmers market where the produce was 80% shipped in from Mexico to Texas. Now we are in the upper midwest where that is not an issue.)

There are plenty of case studies and evidence, which show non-organic practices since 1945 on the farm and here at home have caused severe damage not to mention mega health problems such as cancers, allergies, Alzheimer and nervous system disorders especially in the very young and elderly.

The organic alternative actually costs less, is self-sustaining and does everyone a lot of good. It’s also a major growing hobby for all age groups. (Just start with your own non-GMO seeds and protect your plants from GMO infestation)

Fact: Dry chemical fertilizers often contain toxic waste from pipe mills, paper mills, and other major industry byproducts such as incinerator ash and waste treatment plant sludge (2/3rds contain asbestos) being added as filler material for fertilizer. I’ve heard numerous reports of lead, cadmium, mercury and dioxins. That's how they get rid of this stuff - just like products labeled as sodium fluoride which is added to your drinking water w/o your permission.
If 100% of the ingredients in the fertilizer bag are not there to feed the soil, don’t use it because it will end up somewhere you don’t want it to.

AGGRAND gives you the highest quality options at the lowest cost!

One thing to add that’s great about organic soil methods is it can be utilized in all parts of the country. If you are not sure where to start you can order a soil sample kit from us and go from there. Many cities now benefit from organic gardening programs on the radio. When I first switched to AGGRAND I was also listing to Howard Garrett (Organic gardening show) on the Dallas AM dial. He was expressing how he converted dozens of corporate campus’s lots to total organic landscapes. I have since talked to enough people locally to understand thousands of homeowners in the Dallas – Fort Worth area are following his recommendations.

As a full time dealer for AMSOIL, our founder Al Amatuzio also knew the benefits of organic chemistries and created these second to none liquid organic fertilizers! That’s AGGRAND!

After a small amount of research and some trials of my own I can tell you this is the best program and is easy to get started with. Try AGGRAND and put things back to the natural process. There are so many benefits. Healthier environment, sustainable soil, natural control of pests, stronger and thicker plant tissues, significantly larger yields of fruit and flowers, and greener more drought resistant lawns to name a few.

Start yourself a compost pile and mix in store bought soils to convert using AGGRAND as well. Then use that mulch and composted material to dress up your lawn, garden and food plots.

Fast forwarding to the fall of 2010, we now enjoy several tomato, onion, lettuce, potato and other varieties which thrive in the South Dakota summer. The soil requires less care than gardens grown in non-organic structures and our lawn requires less maintenance. For this area we discovered the chemical lawn care's company secrete. They pretend they do a soil analysis knowing that the area is lacking in iron. They pitched to the customer what they found in the costly tests when they knew darn well what was lacking in the area. Do your own analysis or consult your county extension office to find out the state of the soil in your area.


We are adding a news and health section. AGGRAND Gardening takes a more important role as there are numerous attacks on Organic and small community farming exchanges.
 Beware of the movement of lowering the standards of organics to phase in a "Manufactured" version by the corporations who are doing everything to have control of the food supply. You can take charge now by planning and starting your own garden!

Here are some articles which should motivate your aspirations to grow, enhance or expand your gardening plans. Please review:

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Amsoil and Aggrand liquid organic fertilizers share the goal of a cleaner, more healthy environment and reduction of foreign oil.

We hope you give us a call!
Ches Cain
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