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Home Compost Pile

Take advantage of any decomposing material to make your own compost.

By starting a compost pile you are essentially recycling the invested nutrients back to a soil product you can use over and over again. The end product also increases water holding capacity.

Stop throwing out table scraps, kitchen waste, trimmings, dead plant material, or any decomposing matter and transform to a living compost pile.
To make an active compost bin you should alternate the type of matter (leaves, small sticks, grass clippings, etc) to trap tiny air pockets which will aid in the decomposition of the matter. Add microbes to the mix by topping it off with previous compost or soil from another part of the yard which will help compress the pile.
I would then add about 3 ounces of 4-3-3 NOF in a gallon of water over the pile and before turning. Adding dry molasses or sugar will increase the speed of the decomposition and increase the heat created. You will be amazed how quickly the pile will decrease in size!

Be sure to keep the pile moist to the consistency of a wet sponge or forest floor and turn often otherwise it may end up full of ants or pests you don't want. Really try to turn every other day.

The center of the pile should have enough porous material so air can be present in the pile. I use small amounts of grass clippings and lava sane when I can find it.

Add some red wigglers or night crawlers to enhance the output of the pile. Since I went organic two years before starting my pile, the worms just found their way there on their own as well as snakes, grubs, and numerous types of lizards. It's unbelievable how alive the area has become!

I have started using the pile to detoxify useless soil where grass would not grow in a area which fell victim of years of laundry detergent seepage. Part of that area we started building up the soil with store bought compost, lava sand, 4-3-3 and the transplanted grass is now thriving.

The best material to add to your compost pile is a broad percentage of items with various consistancies. (Neutral soil, ground up sticks and mulch, peatmoss (small amounts), table scraps, cow manure (the 4-3-3 takes the place of this), some recommend vermiculite, and any bags of dirt you buy in the store - I filter it all through the pile.

 Freshly turned and watered compost pile

Cross Section or cut out of compacted compost ready for turning and the addition of new material. This section was about 110 degreed F at the touch in the center portion.

 Sugars naturally breakdown matter in a properly worked compost pile.

Close-up view. Notice worms and grub. These help arriate the soil and break down the solid materials.

Close up of what was neutral dirt, sticks, leaves, food scraps, etc. Now energy storage soil.

Winter Composting:

For those who can, adding AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 to your compost pile will provide it with an extra boost of bacterial activity. AGGRAND 4-3-3 provides the nutrients necessary to cause organisms and micro-oganisms to re-establish themselves and increase their numbers many times over, accelerating the natural processes that produce fertility, nutrient availability and water holding capacity in compost. This should give your compost plenty of “added fuel” to be ready for spring use.

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