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Testimonials & Food Plots

AGGRAND Testimonials & Food Plots

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Major Strawberry and Almond producers switch to AGGRAND!

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Testimonial Guide

 Wheat Farm Saves Big, Salvages Harvest with AGGRAND Fertilizers

Mr. Reed - Wheat Farmer of Julesburg, Colo. this season saved about $26,000 using AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizers.
Until this year, Reed used chemical fertilizers at a cost of about $30,000 on 773 acres of hard, red winter wheat, commonly used for bread flours. He spent $4,000 on AGGRAND fertilizers this year.
“That’s a cost of only $5 an acre,” Reed said. “It’s a huge savings.” He started planting his wheat on September 15, finishing in late October or early November. The planted rows were side dressed, or banded, with AGGRAND 4-3-3 Natural Liquid Fertilizer and AGGRAND 0-12-0 Natural Liquid Bonemeal. Reed mixed 40 gallons of AGGRAND to 1,000 gallons of water and applied the mixture at five gallons per acre.

“In the beginning of the season the wheat looked just as good as everyone else’s,” Reed said. Then he noticed the plants were healthier and the root system was better. “The better the root system the better the uptake of water and nutrients out of the ground. The plants are more sustainable and thrive better,” he said. Reed was getting 32 seeds per wheat head compared to 28 seeds per head on his neighbor’s crops.

Reed is a third-generation farmer who knows Mother Nature has the last say about crop yields. Northeast Colorado got hit with more than 30 inches of rain this season, more than double the typical rainfall. “Eight major hail storms came through here this year,” Reed said. “We took a 40 percent loss. Some farmers got nothing.”

Despite the extensive damage from the weather, he harvested between 21 and 31 bushels of wheat per acre, which is about average.
"It would have been up to 45 to 50 bushels an acre before the hail,” he said. Although he suffered a big loss, Reed credits AGGRAND with helping him make it through a tough and rough growing season.

For more info and photos please see our newsletter section and the Fall 2009 version.

New Production Facility Allows for Growth.

OMEGA effectiveness tests of AGGRAND Presentation.doc
(Aggrand effectiveness field study - click to open report)

Soy Beans: Late Crop Thrives With 4-3-3

One Virginia farmer put AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 to a rigorous test last summer and was amazed by the results.

Dealer Allen Lawrence, Centreville, Va., planted 28 acres of soybeans at the end of last July. In a drought. "There had been no rain in 28 days," Lawrence said. He wanted to find out the difference between planting with chemical fertilizer and AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3. The acreage he planted had grass growing in it, he said, but he went ahead and planted the soybeans one inch deep.

"The grass seeded before the soybeans were up," Lawrence said.

Soy Salvaged by AggrandHe had sprayed the field earlier with AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3, from a 55-gallon barrel he had purchased in 2005. When he saw the grass seeding, he decided to spray a second time, he said. "And the soybeans just popped up," Lawrence said. "I’ll be, they came up. If I had used conventional fertilizer, I would have ended up plowing it under. I would have gotten nothing." All of the conditions – lack of moisture throughout the growing season and planting late – should have kept him from harvesting much on that land, he said.

Typically, Lawrence harvests about 10 to 15 bushels an acre – when his fields are planted on time and there’s favorable weather conditions and enough water. He harvested 368 bushels of soybeans from the 28- acre plot. "There was no way I was supposed to get any beans out of there," he said.

His neighbors were skeptical when he planted the soybeans, Lawrence said. They were amazed when they saw his results. "I told them, ‘that’s AGGRAND dude, I’m tellin’ ya.’"

As a Dealer, Lawrence said, he takes the products for granted because he assumed the AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 would still be effective two years after it had been purchased. "I am definitely sold on it," Lawrence said. "I still have about 28 gallons left and I’m planting early this year."

He has talked to several others nearby who typically use conventional fertilizer, and a couple of them plan to use AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 next spring. "It’s unheard of," Lawrence said. "Nobody goes off the conventional fertilizer. They trust it because they’ve been using it for so long."

His great results with AGGRAND and the increasing costs of conventional fertilizers are factors in their decision, Lawrence said. "The price of fertilizer has never been this high," he said. "AGGRAND is actually cheaper. They’d save about $10 an acre spraying with the AGGRAND."

He plans to plant corn on the same land next season, he said. "I definitely am looking forward to next year," Lawrence said.


AGGRAND 4-3-3 Increases Yields - Profits

Why should you use AGGRAND™ Liquid Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3? To improve your
bottom line. AGRAND customer John Gore, Bedford, Ind., saw an increase in the number of bales of hay this past summer that raised his income by nearly $3,000. Gore bales and sells his hay to local farmers.

“Producing large quantities of high quality hay can often be difficult, but I’m convinced that the addition of AGGRAND™ Liquid Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 has made it much more profitable,” Gore said. “Plus the improved plant health, stronger roots, and better drought tolerance when moisture is an issue all add up to a long list of reasons to use more AGGRAND.”

In late summer, Gore cut an 11-acre field of alfalfa and grass mixture – a field that in the past has produced 400 to 500 50-pound bales. “I knew it was going to be good but I was thrilled when it made 979 bales,” he said.

Although the season brought plenty of rainfall, Gore said past experience convinces him commercial fertilizer couldn’t come close to that kind of production. Gore was especially happy when he did the math on his increased hay yield. He charges $6 per bale.

Aggrand is the best choice for hay growers - more nutrition too. “After using AGGRAND on just this one cutting I produced more than 23,950 pounds more hay,” Gore said. “That means I’ll earn an extra $2,874. When you figure that the cost of the AGGRAND was much less than the commercial fertilizer which is more than $100 an acre in our area, along with the increased production, it is certainly a winning program.”

“ I knew it was going to be good but I was thrilled when it made 979 bales . . . it is certainly a winning program”
– Farmer John Gore

Gore followed directions from AGGRAND literature hat will help his production remain high for next year.
“I applied AGGRAND 4-3-3 about 10 days after the last cutting at the rate of one-and-a-half gallons of 4-3-3 in 20 gallons of water per acre using large flood type nozzles,” he said.

Gore plans to use AGGRAND on more of his fields next year to continue to increase his yields and his profits.

AGGRAND natural fertilizers not only cost significantly less than chemical fertilizers, they improve soil conditions by providing necessary nutrients that cause organisms and microorganisms to re-establish themselves and greatly increase their numbers, accelerating the natural process that increases fertility, nutrient availability and water-holding capacity in the soil.
AGGRAND naturalfertilizers bear the USDA Organic Seal, which signifies the products meet USDA-NOP (National Organic Program) approval for organic crop production.

Deer Devour AGGRAND Food Plots


Turnups are prime for deer.

Richard Ward of Seaman, Ohio, shot his largest ever buck with a bow on November 9, 2005. It weighed 265 pounds and had 10 points. For five years, Ward has been feeding deer a healthy diet with his AGGRAND fertilized food plots. Every year, the sheer number of deer who visit his food plots is a testament to how well AGGRAND works.

“I’m extremely pleased with the performance of my AGGRAND products,” says Ward. “I use nothing but AGGRAND, particularly the Liquid Fertilizer and the Liquid Lime. AGGRAND products do exactly what they’re supposed to do.”

“AGGRAND products do exactly what they’re supposed to do.”

Deer can’t seem to get enough AGGRAND fertilized turnips, corn, soybeans, alfalfa, clover and kale. Ward typically mixes together the Liquid Fertilizer 4-3-3 and Liquid Lime in a solution and spreads it twice. The first time he sprays when he discs and then he sprays again 40 days later. “It’s very easy to use and it really works,” says Ward. “My turnips are bigger than softballs.”

Ward routinely sees as many as 14 deer in his turnips at one time. Before the end of the season the entire plot is gone. Every year, deer also wipe out two acres of his AGGRAND fertilized corn. “My corn attracts so many deer that I can’t put my hand down flat on the snow covered ground without touching deer tracks.”

Deer also gather to eat Ward’s AGGRAND fertilized soybeans. “They love it,” says Ward. “This year they completely wiped out five acres of soy beans. They ate everything; beans, stems and leaves. I won’t use any other fertilizer. You get what you pay for and AGGRAND is really worth it.”

Aggrand makes deer food plots less work and better performance. 1-800-579-0580 Ches Cain AMSOIL/AGGRAND Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
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