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AGGRAND Natural Organic Liquid Fertilizer 4-3-3

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AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer (NOF) has gained certification into the USDA BioPreferredSM Program.
Under the USDA program, products are considered biobased if they are composed wholly or significantly of biological ingredients — renewable plant, animal, marine or forestry materials.

Products certified in the program carry a label icon that helps consumers make informed choices. The icon is easy to recognize and consumers can have confidence in the label because claims about the presence and amount of biobased ingredients are third-party certified and strictly monitored by the USDA.

The “USDA certified biobased product” icon will soon appear on AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer marketing material. AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer also will be listed among products that meet the USDA requirements on the agency’s website,

USDA Certification - All Natural Parts AGGRAND 

USDA BioPreferred Program Goals
The core goals of the USDA BioPreferred Program first were introduced in the 2002 Farm Bill:

  • To spur the development of the biobased industrial base through value-added agricultural processing and manufacturing in rural communities.
  • To enhance the nation’s energy security, by substituting biobased products for fossil energy-based products derived from imported oil and natural gas
  • To reduce the nation’s environmental impact by promoting products that may be more benign to the environment.


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Save this printable copy of the Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3  Save this printable copy of the Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3  

  • Multi-purpose - produces excellent results on flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns, trees, and crops.
  • Effective as either a foliar feed or soil application.
  • Demonstrated performance in the commercial fruit and vegetable market.
  • Enhances plant vigor which contributes to disease and stress resistance.
  • Convenient liquid concentrate.
  • Priced for ultimate value! Cost less than products advertised as "Organic Fertilizers" which are actually a fancy compost tea.

Available Sizes:
(1) 32-oz. bottle (singles)
(12) 32-oz.bottles (by the case)
(1) 2.5-gallon bottle (singles)
(2) 2.5-gallon bottles (twin-packs)
(1) 55-gallon drum
(1) 275-gallon tote

433_fertilizer_quart1.jpgAGGRAND Natural Fertilizer is a multi-purpose liquid product that is ideal for all-around use on flowers, vegetables, fruits, lawns, shrubs, trees and field crops. Now, with our new odor-absorbing ingredient, AGGRAND is perfect for houseplants as well!

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K) in a 4-3-3 ratio. These essential nutrients promote vigorous growth, increased root development and improved disease and stress tolerance. AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer is the ideal product for those seeking a natural fertilizer that demonstrates superior results.

With AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer, natural ingredients are released more slowly so there is less chance of environmental impact. Adding natural ingredients to the soil increases microbial activity. Soil microbes fix the nutrients needed for plant growth and release them slowly as plants need them. On the other hand petrochemical fertilizers are often high in soluble salts that are detrimental to soil microbes and plants alike: They decrease microbial activity and plant nutrient uptake. Although these fertilizers are high analysis N-P-K, the plant-use efficiency is very low.

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer utilizes kelp concentrate from the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Kelp accumulates high levels of plant growth hormones and nutrients. When used as a fertilizer, kelp makes plants more robust and healthy by enhancing their heat, drought and cold tolerance. It also supplies N-P-K, sulfur (S), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn), boron (B), sodium (Na), carbohydrates and numerous amino acids.

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer also utilizes hydrolyzed fish solubles extracted through low temperature processes from Menhaden fish which were used by Native Americans for centuries to grow their crops. Menhaden comes from the word "munna whaleaug" which means "that which manures." Menhaden ocean fish feed on mineral rich plankton, which makes them full of essential nutrients. The fish are steamed slowly at 190° F, which preserves the amino acids, minerals and vitamins. The fish is then broken down into smaller components with enzymes (hydrolysis). The fish component in AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer supplies N-P-K and 10 micro nutrients, as well as a number of vitamins and amino acids.

AGGRAND® Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 Also Contains:

While menhaden fish emulsions and kelp provide the basis for AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer, additional ingredients are added to achieve a balanced analysis.

  • Sulfate of Potash - Extremely fine-grade natural mineral derived from the Great Salt Lake increases potassium levels
  • Bloodmeal - Boosts availability of nitrogen in slow-release form to provide this vital nutrient as the plant requires it
  • Natural Wintergreen Oil - Improves scent of AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer

 Soils tested 48 hours after applying AGGRAND 4-3-3 showed a 37.64% change in microbial respiration, henceforth AGGRAND feeds the livestock in your soil.

Increased Microbial Activity
AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer increases bacterial activity in soil, leading to stronger, healthier plants. Aerobic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and protozoa feed on carbon sources, causing a process known as mineralization. Mineralization produces plant-available nitrogen and phosphorus that helps plants grow and develop.

To determine the amount of bacterial activity in soil, the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by microorganisms is measured. Higher levels indicate more bacterial activity, hence more potential nitrogen and phosphorus available to plants.

Although chemical-based fertilizers have high nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels, plant-use efficiency can be very low. In addition, they are often high in soluble salts that are toxic to soil bacteria and help create compaction and nitrification conditions, resulting in plant stress. Research shows soil treated with AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer demonstrates increased CO2 levels compared to a leading chemical fertilizer, meaning increased bacterial activity for healthier plants (see graph).



AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer provides beautiful, healthy plants and super yields of high quality, nutritious vegetables, fruits and field crops.

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Find out what part of the plant the additives in Aggrand Support:
Natural Fertilizer Ingredients

Fish Emulsion-Based Fertilizers vs. Fish Hydrolysate-Based Fertilizers



Superior Formulation & Quality:

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer (NOF) is formulated from fish  emulsions from a single species of fish: the menhaden. Caught  within U.S. territorial waters in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of  Mexico, menhaden are not intended for human consumption, but are commercially important for their high oil content, feed and emulsion quality. This oceangoing fish provides nitrogen,  phosphorus and potassium, essential nutrients for plant growth, along with a number of micronutrients, vitamins and amino acids. The fish emulsion used in AGGRAND products are  caught, immediately refrigerated, and processed in such a way to reduce degradation of the protein compounds. No other species or fish renderings are used in the process. Fish-hydrolysate is processed around 130°F and requires acid  for pH stabilization. Oftentimes, fish hydrolysate manufacturers add more phosphoric acid than necessary based on the desire to increase the phosphorus analysis rather than decreasing the pH to stabilize the product. Fish emulsions used in AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer contain only enough sulfuric acid to stabilize the product at pH 3.8 - 4.0. The process is strictly controlled and monitored to ensure maximum quality.

CFS-based ingredients, or emulsions, use a strictly controlled,
pressurized heating process to extract the raw materials
necessary to make fertilizer. EDF-based ingredients, or fish
protein hydrolysates, are derived from a process that minces
the whole fish, then enzymatically digests, then grinds and
liquefies the resulting product. While both forms provide
acceptable performance, emulsion-based fertilizers are more
concentrated and uniform than hydrolysate-based fertilizers
for optimum performance.

High Nitrogen Content

Increased nitrogen levels in the soil results  in increased soil microbial populations and  increased nutrient uptake in crops. Fish hydrolysates have lower nitrogen levels than fish emulsions do because hydrolysates use only a small amount of the fleshy part of the fish. AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer features fish emulsions that are heated (not boiled) and condensed to 50 percent solids. This results in a finished product with the highest level of organic nitrogen possible (5 percent).

Increased Sulfur Levels

Proper sulfur levels provide high levels of protein in seed crops, forages and legumes. In addition, flour quality and vegetable flavor are enhanced when there are adequate sulfur levels in the soil. Fish emulsions used in the formulation of AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer contain almost 2 percent sulfur, resulting in greater yields of higher-quality fruits and vegetables.

Beyond Emulsions

While fish emulsions are the basis of AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer, there are many more premium ingredients necessary to complete its formulation. Kelp Extract gathered from the north Atlantic coast contains amino acids, micronutrients and potassium that help feed beneficial micro-organisms that enhance plant growth. Kelp also supplies plant growth hormones such as auxins and cytokinins that enable increased root and shoot growth. Increased microbial activity can produce digestive enzymes that attack and kill undesirable fungal pathogens. In addition, they compete for space, nutrients and water, leaving less room for bacteria that could potentially harm the plant. This results in plants with fewer diseases and better establishment of seedlings. When applied to foliage, the kelp in AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer induces a systemic acquired resistance in plants that results in enhanced photosynthesis.

Bloodmeal provides additional nitrogen and organic matter for plant cell and microbial growth, leading to the creation of humus. Extremely fine grade of sulfate of potash from the Great Salt Lake in Utah provides more sulfur and potassium for improved fruit and seed quality and better cell-wall and stalk strength. This results in reduced susceptibility to insect attack, drought and disease. Chelation Agents help plants absorb nutrients and provide an extra source of carbon to help stimulate microbial activity, increasing the effectiveness of the fertilizer. Fulvic Acid – Derived from Leonardite shale, fulvic acid helps delivery of nutrients to the root and provides an extra source of carbon to help stimulate microbial activity, which increases the effectiveness of the fertilizer. Finally, incorporation of small amounts of
B1 as a vitamin supplement for improved plant health and molasses sugar produced from fresh cane provides carbon source nutrients for soil micro-organisms. The addition of natural wintergreen oil improves the scent of AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer products.

Key ingredients and average energy levels for AGGRAND 4-3-3

Fish meal, menhaden (High energy) 1500 KCal / lb. The hydrolyzed extraction process retains the maximum amount of amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Fish solubles (50% solids) 780 KCal/lb.

Blood meal 1200 KCal/lb

Yields most energy for the soil. Lush vegetation.

About the Fish:

Menhaden have been harvested since colonial times, when they were used for fertilizer. Since the 1800s, they have been fished commercially for such purposes as oil, fertilizer and animal feed.

In more recent years, much of the menhaden harvest has gone for aquiculture feed, although their Omega 3 oils are also being used as nutritional supplements for humans because of their multiple benefits, including lowering the risk of heart disease.

But their ecological role is every bit as important as their economic role. While oysters tend to get attention for their filter feeding ability, menhaden are also major grazers of the Bay’s prodigious supply of algae.

Menhaden will graze great quantities of small, less desirable types of algae that other fish won’t touch—adults can be seen swimming in tightly packed schools, their mouths wide open to screen phytoplankton.

Scientists estimate that a healthy, algae-grazing menhaden population generally remove 10 percent or more of an areas nitrogen, although such estimates remain controversial. Because of that potential, even waste-water treatment plant operators in the past have urged the ASMFC to consider reduced catches.

AGGRAND 4-3-3 performance is stellar to any liquid fish fertilizer as we include 11 other ingredients but beware of the cheap liquid fish "extract" or Compost Teas which sell for more $.

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 We get a lot calls from small companies who make their own version of a "fish fertilizer". When they read about our product and see the our commercial bulk pricing many times I have had them discontinue their costly and time consuming process and go with AGGRAND 4-3-3. Test it and see that it's a winner for your operation too!

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