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Get more bushels out of your Farm or Pasture using AGgrand products! Get better,  more nutrient dense produce and healthy trees naturall with AGgrand! Greener, healthier, richer lawns are easy with AGgrand!
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AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizers

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers - Results.

Frustrated with the increasing cost of chemical fertilizers? AGGRAND Natural Organic Fertilizers cost less and result in same or better yields! Take a look at our newsletters - see the proof.
Organic crops are growing in demand. Organic gardening is quickly becoming mainstream. Organic lawn care yields better results, increases property values and reduces work. Best of all, demand has caused agriculture and garden supply centers who want to remain competitive to stock more natural organic products as it proves to be the better solution.  Send me a copy of your latest Soil Test to get started or we can provide you with a kit to do one through Midwest Labs.
AGGRAND Improves the Cation Exchange Rate

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Aggrand Hose End Sprayer If you dont have a dial hose end sprayer already, order the G-1102 which is $1.40 so one can spray right from the bottle! 




 ATTENTION: OMRI certification and approval is complete as is our new version of the 4-3-3. The product of choice for USDA Organic growers!!
Reference - listing on OMRI's website.

Why Long and Slow-release of Nutrients?

Synthetic High Nitrogen Fertilizers boost the risk of insect and disease infestations, weed problems and cause immense stress on your plants or seedlings. It's clear, synthetic fertilizers induce a quick growing rush by making excess nutrients available for a short time. The plant absorbs the chemicals quickly and uses the excess energy for very rapid growth above the soil in lieu of of storing carbohydrates. The excessive nitrogen also leaches through the soil or easily washes away (polluting ground and surface water) leaving the salt to toxify the soil which reduces the microbe and earthworm populations. This consequently reduces nutrient cycling, noticeably reduces organic matter (inhibits thatch composting), and the resulting soil compaction promotes weeds and further soil damage.

Our main product - AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-4-3 immediately reverses this process. Although it's best to follow our simple soil preparation guidelines to build the soil back up, many of AGGRAND 4-3-3's nutrients are in chelated form which holds them in reserve until they are needed allowing them to bond to the soil.

AGGRAND is a total supply of nutrients as organic compounds such as carbohydrates and proteins which are held in the soil until microbes and other organisms digest them. This starts and fuels the "self sustaining" process leading to increased nutrient cycles and naturally aerated soil structures.

You cannot find a more potent combination of hydrolyzed fish extracts, kelp, bloodmeal, sulfate of potash and other proprietary ingredients than we have in this product line. A single quart is versatile enough to treat 1500 to 8000 square feet of soil or when used as a foliar spray on your vegetables, flowers, lawns, shrubs, trees, houseplants and field crops.

A quart of Aggrand organic fertilizer unlocks the energy in the soil and feeds foliarlyThe Sulfate of Potash 0-8-0 will be your foliar feed to add the trace nutrients w/o worrying about the soil. Added heartyness, drought and cold resistance.Needed for transplants, bulbs, healthy root uptake of phosphorus at 12%.Our Liquid Lime is ground fine to quickly increase PH. readily available source of calcium and magnesium

Aggrand 2.5 gallon bottles   foodplotformula.jpg OMRI Aggrand Series fertilizer

The New Wildlife Food Plot Formula!!

New 2.5 gallon labels. Click image of 4-3-3 for full size image.

Wheat harvest saved with AGGRAND in Colorado

 Our feature story in the Fall 2009 AGGRAND News (see newsletter section) covers another wheat farm sucess story. Here is the opening to the story:

Dealer Mark Reed of Julesburg, Colo. this season saved about $26,000 using AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizers. Until this year, Reed used chemical fertilizers at a cost of about $30,000 on 773 acres of hard, red winter wheat, commonly used for bread flours. He spent $4,000 on AGGRAND fertilizers this year. “That’s a cost of only $5 an acre,” Reed said. “It’s a huge savings.”
Reed was getting 32 seeds per wheat head compared to 28 seeds per head on his neighbor’s crops


Healthy Wheat Heads - Mark Reeds wheat fields early in the 2009 season thrive with AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizers.

Look at the improvements by returning to natural cropping systems thanks to Aggrand.“I sprayed the edge of one field with AGGRAND and it’s taller, thicker and really dark green,” he said. His straw fields are thicker and heavier than ever before, as well, he said. “I’m going to foliar feed in the spring.” Plants typically absorb up to 20 times more nutrients through foliar feeding of AGGRAND fertilizers.
You see AGGRAND enhances the oil production of seeds. You can be certain you are making the right selection with our product.


More about our product:

  • Multi-purpose for flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns, trees and crops
  • 100 percent organic materials
  • Increase nutrients in the soil  (Increase nutrition in food stocks)
  • Effective foliar or soil application
  • Plants resist disease and stress
  • Convenient liquid concentrate
  • Cost less than chemical fertilizers
  • Profits go back into education for naturally grown crops and gardens.

 AGGRAND is quickly becoming the #1 fertilizer for hay farms reducing costs almost in half! It works better than chemical fertilizers and the results are longer lasting without runoff problems. Just apply at two gallons per acre mixed with 35 gallons of water.

Is Your Soil Dead or Alive? It's time to start the natural process and return nature to your soil. AGGRAND produces instant robust results giving you the most nutrients per ounce per dollar!


Healthy Soils result in better healthier crops.

Remember hearing your elders saying how the produce of their time was so much more lush and tasty? You've seen all the studies regarding diminishing vitamins and nutrients in today's crops due to the depletion of the soil. If you study the history of organic farming you will find it was virtually forgotten at the start of WWII. Healthy soils create healthy crops and organic practices don't contaminate the water supply - a simple idea but why isn't it practiced? Follow the money!
Yes, on the part of the major chemical companies, organic chemistries interfere with the objective of, "How can we make more money and be the only game in town?"

Taking the steps to put the soil back where it's self sustaining and less laborious is all right here. Use AGGRAND to provide the energy to spark a word of microbial activity and development of healthy soil for all plants, beneficial insects and animals. Also put an end to erosion and PH problems with your lawn. Please take some time to review our product descriptions.


 Soil Test Kits? Do you want more accuracy on your lawn or garden?
Order our $3.35 Soil Test Kit Packet with instructions

 Soil Sampling Video

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AGgrand Liquid Organic Fertilizer

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