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Organic Fertilizer applications for Farm and Pasture

AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer on Farm Applications

Welcome to our farm resources. These PDFs contain most the information. Below you will find applications rates as well.

New Testimonial:

produces the best quality hay. 

hay_like_candy_aggrand.pdf hay_like_candy_aggrand.pdf ( 2013-03-16 19:40)

Email us for your cost sheet but AGGRAND sales become so high in the spring you will want to order and have your products on reserve so there will not be any back orders when you need product.

Cost per acre when we set your farm up as a commercial account for the Organic Series can be as low as $13.75 per acre in lightest form. Costs depend on case/container and application. As we have several distribution centers across the country through AMSOIL's locations shipping costs are surprisingly low. If you set yourself up as a preferred customer here online, call us for better shipping rates if you order drums or larger.

Please consider proper application based on an accurate soil analysis may increase your overall yield lowering cost per use more! See our testimonials.

 Please review the PDF files in the tables below for rate estimates (crop guide).

Food Plots - Take a look at our new Food Plot Formula and testimonials

 We get an abundance of Hay application customers as well as, Soy and Tomatoes. Please email me for the Commercial Price List at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

The AGGRAND literature below provides the grower with application rates and methods that, in most cases, will yield good results. In order to gain our best AGGRAND product recommendations, a soil sample should be obtained and analyzed. To maximize yield, while improving the sustainability of the soil, it is important to evaluate soil analysis results for the particular soil, crop and growing condition. Samples are evaluated using recognized testing protocol at a highly respected laboratory we have grown to trust, Midwest Labs of Omaha, Nebraska. Then we can communicate these findings, along with our fertilizer and soil amendment recommendations to guide you to a simple and precise application. However we can evaluate any soil analysis so send them our way.

 Soil Test Kits? Do you want more accuracy for better results? Let Midwest Labs provide us with the data we need to dial in the correct application for your fields.
Order our $3.35 Soil Test Kit Packet with instructions

Be sure to examine the improved Liquid Lime. Rapidly boosts the life giving effects needed from calcium. Applies easily and results appear fast.

 See one important testimonial from a notable Hay grower in Oklahoma:
Hay yields increase over neighboring fields, reduction in weeds, significant drought resistance with stronger roots and more money in pocket.

OMEGA effectiveness tests of AGGRAND Presentation.doc
(Aggrand effectiveness field study - click to open report)

Official Aggrand Crop Applications Guide
Official AGGRAND Crop Guide - Product Applications

Hay Improved

Sucessful Hay Mix Sucessful Hay Mix 

Convert to Organics - Best Practice
Converting to_organic_cropping_system

New 2012 Vegetable Productivity Study New 2012 Vegetable Productivity Study

 Soil Fertility Guide
Soil Fertility Guide

Foliar Feed - It works and makes up for the unknowns. 

Folier Feeding with AGGRAND Folier Feeding with AGGRAND

What do you know about your fertilizer numbers? Could a 4-3-3 really help?
What you should know about fertilizer numbers

Aggrand Pasture Sprayer
Constructing the Ideal Boom Sprayer Constructing the Ideal Boom Sprayer

2012 Fertilizer Testimonials
Fertilizer Testimonials 2012

  When used as fertilizer kelp makes plants more robust and
Natural Kelp Sulfate of Potash

2011 Vegi Study

2011 Veggatable Productivity Study 2011 Veggatable Productivity Study

Veggi Productivity Study 2010
Heres what our dealers have found for results.
Dealer field observations - apples, cucumbers, hay


AGGRAND outperforms Rainbow 10-10-10 

Here is a recent email and photo between our dealer Mike Lloyd of Ceresco, NE and Aggrand customer

How is your corn growing using the Aggrand Fertilizer? I am planning a both for a “corn show” in January, and your results may help me convince some local conservative farmers.
Any feedback on your corn production will be greatly appreciated.


I planted my corn in April & used Rainbow 10-10-10 on the initially planting.  After the plant got up about 4 to 6” I applied the 4-3-3 and the results were outstanding.  Open attachment pic.  After I applied the 4-3-3 the corn shot up so quick that I didn’t have time to use it again.  Once you open the pic you’ll see that I didn’t need a second application.  For the price of this product and the results it produces, you can’t go wrong.

Thank You,
Chad Luce
(You may call Mike Lloyd if needed at  (402) 499-4301 )North Carolina cornfields thrive on Aggrand 4-3-3 due to highest energy per ounce to return proper metabolism to the soil and foliar.

“Chemical fertilizer prices keep climbing,” said Benson, “so I decided to try AGGRAND. I ordered 10 gallons of Natural Fertilizer and some Liquid Lime. It really worked. In the previous year I had 103 1,000 lbs. round bales. After using the AGGRAND products I got 218 1,000 lbs. round bales.”

In his first AGGRAND year alone, he saved over $6,000 by using AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer and Liquid Lime on his 100 acres. The product also yielded more hay than ever before.

Amsoil customer Robert Benson lowers costs while improving yieldAGGRAND makes this operation cost less. Better self sustaining soils grow better crops.

“Chemical fertilizer prices keep climbing,” said Benson, “so I decided to try AGGRAND. I ordered 10 gallons of Natural Fertilizer and some Liquid Lime. It really worked. In the previous year I had 103 1,000 lbs. round bales. After using the AGGRAND products I got 218 1,000 lbs. round bales.”

Benson has over a decade of AGGRAND experience, so he’s had some time to see how well the products work. “Of course your results will also depend on ground quality and how you’ve maintained  he land, but over the years with AGGRAND I’ve gotten more hay per pasture and the cows go through fewer magnesium blocks. I’ve gone down to about half the magnesium blocks I used to go through. The cattle just aren’t eating as many blocks. They only eat what they need, and if they get enough in their diet they’ll quit eating magnesium blocks. The AGGRAND Liquid Lime label says it has magnesium, so that must be the reason they stopped eating so many magnesium blocks. Thanks to AGGRAND, my cattle are already getting enough magnesium in their diet. Altogether, AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer and Liquid Lime save me about $5,000 a year on average.”

 Once he started using it and seeing how well it worked, he began telling other people about it. He  became an AMSOIL Dealer and uses his experience with AGGRAND to sell it to customers. If anyone doubts the power of AGGRAND, he simply asks,  “Why would I still be using it after 10 years if it didn’t work?”

Benson used to put 30 head of cattle on 150 acres. Thanks to AGGRAND products, he was able to raise that to 50 head of cattle on the same number of acres.

“I actually get that much more hay from each pasture with AGGRAND,” says Benson. “You can use AGGRAND for $6 to $11 an acre, compared to using 19-19-19 chemical fertilizer when you might pay about $16 per acre. Big savings! AGGRAND can save you as much as $10 per acre and it will not burn  vegetation. There’s no leeching and no runoff and it won’t pollute rivers. You can put it on whether it’s wet outside or dry. You can even put AGGRAND Liquid Lime on in the rain and you can’t do that with bagged lime. AGGRAND is a lot easier to store and handle. I would say my animals are healthier. Usually when I turn cattle out I can run them in the field for 30 days before rotating. One of my fields has 14 acres and I can run 15 head on it, which is pretty good. My customers use AGGRAND and they think it’s great. The 19-19-19 chemical fertilizer has gone from $200 to $310 a ton and that doesn’t count the cost of applying it.

And I’d use a quarter of a ton per acre. Lime pellets cost $125 a ton and I’d use three tons per acre. With AGGRAND my cost for liming and fertilizing 100 acres is only $900. When I was going to start using it, I talked to county agents and they said it won’t work.

After my first year with AGGRAND I bought a lifetime Dealership, it was that good. I went back to the county with all the facts and figures from using AGGRAND and they just shook their heads. They couldn’t deny how well AGGRAND worked. The 19-19-19 is a fertilizer flash in the pan, but over the long run natural fertilizer is much better all around. Saving thousands of dollars a year is big money, especially with the small profit margin any farmer has these days. Last year I completely sold out of my AGGRAND inventory. It’s a quarter of the cost of the chemical fertilizers.

AGGRAND is more economical than anything around and it’s organic. Those are the two main things I really like about AGGRAND."

Popular questions:

Customer question:
Hello Joe,
Will it qualify with Oregon Tilth for certified growers? Would you please check?
Thank you,
Farmer in Canada.

The 4-3-3 and 0-0-8 should both be just fine with Oregon Tilth, which is an organic certifying agent for farms and such.

Hay Suggestion - From Dallas Dealer John Campbell

Personally I recommend two gallons product to 50-60 gallons of water.....or
One gallon........25 gallons water....Two gallons product with 50 gallons of water.
3% is Aggrand that is 3 gallons of product to acre mixed with 97 gallons of water. 
My max is 4% based on feed back from farmers.  5 to 6 burns hay according to farmers.
Liquid Lime can be done with 20 gallons of water per Gregg.j
Spray Jets (see section 5 in your Aggrand G-1380)
Variable Spray for general crops - XR TeeJet: Extended range flat spray tips. These tips can adjust via pressuure from fine drops at 60 PSI and larger droplets at 15 PSI. Reduces drift at lower pressures, better coverage at high pressure. Available in ceramic sizes.

Or suggest: Turbo FloodJet - Wide Angle Flat Spray Tips: For heavy broadcast applications. Large round orfice reduces clogging. Produces large droplets for less drift. Rated up to 100 PSI.

"On my John Deere 4020 I use 5th gear 1900 RPM  this is 5 MPH speed  and It will apply 25 gal, per acre. I have the relieve set at 40 PSI. How ever I am going to turn up the PSI  to 60 PSI ."

 Sprayhead best for Aggrand Products

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers are a safe and effective alternative to high analysis chemical fertilizers. Through extensive research and testing, we are confident that we are manufacturing the best, most effective liquid fertilizers in the industry That is why more and more homeowners, lawn care services, turf managers and commercial growers are turning to AGGRAND Natural Products. 1-800-579-0580 Ches Cain AMSOIL/AGGRAND Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
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AGgrand Liquid Organic Fertilizer

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