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Lawn Care Applications

Greetings!! Welcome to our Lawncare page.

Lawncare is actually the easiest application of all the Aggrand variants. Follow the lawn guide in the PDF below. For most lawns you want to start in the Spring with one low cost quart of 4-3-3 for each 3000 to 5000 square feet of lawn. As the lawn guide recommends, dress in one bottle of the 0-0-8 Sulfate of Potash with Kelp and 0-12-0 for phosphorus to each 3000 square feet of lawn. Order the G1102 Hose end sprayer ($1.55) or use as I do one of the dial sprayers found at any lawn & garden department locally to apply. Be sure to remove the metal strainer from the pick-up tube for constant flow.

 Although we have great success using Aggrand in generating healthy, drought resistant lawns, we first recommend a soil analysis so you know the PH (detects calcium deficiency) and if there are any minerals being shorted and the level of the organic matter (OM).

Please see the Natural Lawn Care PDFs below.

Early spring treatments to start root growth & soil activity. Use our easy hose end sprayer, dial sprayer or pump sprayer.
Aggrand cases come with several hose end sprayers - its easy to apply Aggrand 4-3-3. 

Natural Lawn Care Made Easy! Step by Step Natural Lawn Care Made Easy! Step by Step

Main Aggrand information on each product - find out what the products will do for your landscape, garden and farm.
Aggrand Product Descriptions


Foliar Feeding is the AGGRAND Advantage Foliar Feeding is the AGGRAND Advantage


Soil Fertility Guide 
Soil Fertility Guide 

Organic VS Chemical


What you should know about fertilizer numbers

 Aggrand Liquid Lime

 natural_liquid_lime_g2796-1.pdf Natural Liquid Lime & Calcium Booster - pdf


Natural Kelp Sulfate of Potash 


  Lawn Care Business Thrives with Aggrand
See Page 3 for lawn business feature story.

 AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer for Lawn Applications

A change for the good. Organic lawn-care is making its way back as "conventional"!

• Prevailing lawn care practices depend on high rates of nitrogen input via dissolved inorganic
salts, which promotes an excessive leaf development to root reserve ratio.
Such over-abundant top growth is easy prey for disease causing organisms and insects, while the shallow root system can’t store the reserves to cope with drought stress. Heavy, excessive top growth also leads to an excessive amount of clippings, which outstrip the ability of soil organisms to break down dead materials, leading to thatch build-up, increased disease risk and unsightly appearance. Finally, all that top growth needs frequent mowing.

Aggrand's Lawn Fertilization recommendations will reduce drought and insect stress within the soil and will return life back into the environment offsetting the loss of organic matter caused the use of these toxic bagged and chemical fertilizers. Many comment on the re-emergence of earthworms (aration and more nitrogen from castings) and bird feeding.

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 helps lawns develop deep root systems with proportional top growth by supplying nitrogen as part of a balance of nutrients. Due to its balanced growth, the natural
lawn resists disease, insects and drought much more successfully than lawns treated with chemical fertilizers.
Naturally-managed lawns cycle nutrients efficiently, preventing thatch build-up. In fact, recycling
thatch actually gives the lawn an extra two pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet over the growing
season – a nice little boost. Finally, natural lawns require less mowing than high-nitrogen lawns.

• Conventional lawn care practices may cause micronutrient deficiencies and inefficient nitrogen usage. Plants take up nitrogen and micronutrients in a fixed proportion, so when nitrogen is highly abundant, micronutrients should be, too. Most commercial fertilizers don’t supply micronutrients, so lawns may suffer micronutrient deficiencies and often fail to use all the supplied nitrogen.
• Natural lawns depend on fixation and release of nutrients by soil microbes to regulate soil fertility. Nutrients that are not directly taken up by the grass are stored and released slowly in proportions that promote healthy growth.

It's all in the blend

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 contains kelp and fish, potent macro and micronutrient sources.
Many of the nutrients are in chelated form which holds them in reserve until needed. Plants get the
nutrients they need when they need them.

•Conventional fertilizers supply nitrogen as a salt. Salts dissolve quickly in soil, releasing nitrogen
which encourages weed growth. In fact, a late-season nitrogen spike specifically favors crabgrass.

• Lawn grasses respond to a nitrogen spike by producing excessive top growth in lieu of storing carbohydrates. Lawns with poor carbohydrate reserves go dormant during drought or other stressful times.

• Rapid fertilizer release also allows nitrogen to leach through the soil which pollutes ground and
surface waters.

It's Key to Bring Life back to the Soil for a Healthy Lawn

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 supplies many of its nutrients as organic compounds, such as carbohydrates and proteins. These water insoluble compounds are held in the soil until microbes and other organisms digest them, “time-releasing” plant nutrients, with no leaching, no pollution.

• Salt-based fertilizers toxify the soil which reduces soil microbe and earthworm populations, and consequently reduces nutrient cycling, decreases soil organic matter content, increases soil compaction and damages soil structure.

 Easy to use - You don't need to be a chemist!

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 helps restore soils to their natural nutrient balance, encouraging soil microbes and earthworms to repopulate the soil  which increases nutrient cycling and loosens soil structure.

• Sprayable liquid is available in quarts, 5-gallon twin packs, 55-gallon drums or 275-gallon totes. Guaranteed analysis: 4-3-3. One quart treats 3,000 to 8,000 square feet.

Adding Aggrand to Lawncare business

 Lawncare Business Thrives with AGGRAND!

Dealer Dave Richards of Manchester, Md. uses AGGRAND natural fertilizers in his growing lawn fertilization business. “AGGRAND just does a terrific job,” Richards said.
His interest in natural fertilizers developed from a desire
to help protect the environment in the Chesapeake Bay
area. “About 92 percent of the nitrogen from chemical
fertilizers ends up in run-off in the wells and streams and
eventually Chesapeake Bay,” Richards said, which
endangers the thriving seafood commerce there.
“AGGRAND is only 4 percent nitrogen and is 20 percent
more effective than chemical fertilizers,” he said.

Aggrand adds additional services to lawn business.He developed his own spray rig and uses it to fertilize
lawns and horse pastures for his customers.
He conducts soil analysis to create individual fertilization
plans for his customers. “The development I’ve gotten
from these lawns and pastures is just fantastic,” Richards
said. “They hold up in the heat and drought, cold, stress
and against disease.”
A season of drought and high temperatures in 2010 put
AGGRAND fertilizer to the test. Lawns that were not treated
with AGGRAND burned up in the dry, hot conditions, whereas the lawns he fertilized with AGGRAND needed no special care.
“Just one application of AGGRAND and the lawns and pastures
stayed so nice. They produced a stronger, healthier plant.”
His business has grown by word of mouth. “My lawns
and horse pastures have come along beautifully in the
last three years,” he said.
Nothing beats the convenience of liquid fertilizers, he
said. He uses the 2.5-gallon container and simply pours
it into his tank.

The foundation of the AGGRAND natural lawn care program, AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer will
improve your whole operation, from the quality of the lawns you produce to your profitability.

No license needed to apply - great for business and home owner.

Natural fertilizer businesses in demand. 

 Natural lawn care offers lawn care professionals an environmentally compatible, easy-to-use alternative to chemical fertilizers. Natural care improves the beauty and vigor of your clients’ lawns – and may reduce the cost of doing business.
Converting your business to natural methods is easy with AGGRAND products.

See how he added Aggrand Fertilizer rates to his already thriving lawncare business. Kelly is quite pleased with the results and also takes care of the home of a relative of mine.
You should apply this as a testimonial to other area lawn services to make them more unique and appeal to health and better weed control.

 Note: With a Aggrand Lawn, mulching enhances the whole process. Then just once a year I do a quick dethatching with the use of a simple wire rake. With all the mulching I do, yet the neighbors pay extra sums of money to have their mulch hauled off, I not only save time and money, my yard looks better and the thatching is at the level where it needs to be. I use the 4-3-3 a minimum of 5 times per year.

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