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Lush, green grass in a few short weeks with AGgrand liquid organic fertilizer.
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Get more bushels out of your Farm or Pasture using AGgrand products! Get better,  more nutrient dense produce and healthy trees naturall with AGgrand! Greener, healthier, richer lawns are easy with AGgrand!
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Gardening & Landscaping

Natural Fertilizer Best for Home Garden

The best reason to use Aggrand is to experience the the maximum vitality from your garden the natural way. The products are simple and versatile and as a bonus your organically grown crops will taste better and improve your overall health. There are several other reasons to use natural organic fertilizers. If you are using heirloom or Organic seeds why contaminate your soil or garden (hard to acquire seeds) with a toxified fertilizer? Your future is based on your health and that starts by using the right inputs and proper soil preparation (composting). Now you have a fertilizer which costs less and outperforms.

AGGRAND offers safe and cost effective natural liquid fertilizers. The liquid products are convenient and free of harmful chemicals, which makes AGGRAND the ideal choice for agriculture, homeowners, commercial growers and lawn care and turf professionals who are seeking natural products with proven performance.
   AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 isn't your basic fish fertilizer, it contains a host of value-added natural ingredients beneficial to virtually all growing efforts.

If you require OMRI certification we have that too in our new version of the 4-3-3. To order any of the products start with the menu on the left.

This fertilizer is priced low! That's why most of our sales are to non-organic use because that sector is being stressed by increased costs from chemical processes. Most of our customers just want to have good strong healthy crops or better pasture yields.

One competitor sells a quart of a similar product for $29.00!!! Ours is less than a 1/3rd! Call 800-579-0580 and I can email or fax you the price list or email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

You can pay online or save a little more if you call 800-579-0580.

AGGRAND Keeps the Balance

Aggrand liquid organic fertilizers result in wonderful self sustaining soils and better growth results over high-analysis chemical fertilizers. Foliar feeding also provides the gardener with a tool to better respond to problems.

We hope you have the opportunity to advance your garden and landscape as we have done using AGGRAND Fertilizers and other organic processes.
As you will see in the below Gardening Guide as little as 2 ounces or our product mixed with one gallon of water using the 4-3-3, Sulfate of potash and/or Liquid Bonemeal - will transform your food supply, garden and house plants to a miracle of higher yields, improved pest & drought resistance as well as a self-sustaining soil system which is immune to weeds.
The 0-8-0 Sulfate of Potash in particular is of note as it feeds regardless of the incorrect PH nature of the soil. It also improves tomatoes growth, pest resistance and shelf life. Use it foliarly to offset transplant stress. See the documents below.

AGGRAND products are typically applied foliarly, direct to the soil, or can be injected, etc.. Please call with your questions. 800-579-0580

All of the AGGRAND Products can easily be applied using an Ortho Dial Sprayers found at any garden store, Ace Hardware, Menards and other retail centers. Just shake the product, add to the bottle and be sure to remove the pick-up screen from the pick-up tube. For average lawns and gardens I recommend the three to 4 ounce settings. The more concentrated the faster you need to apply to cover your area.

For established gardens I prefer to address the soil directly with the 4-3-3 while using the sulfate of potash through the pump sprayer per the recommended application rates.

Order the G-1374 for your soil sample analysis kit. $3.35. Contains bags needed to send to Midwest Labs for a full analysis and what we need to dial in exactly the best procedure for you. Saves you the guess work. Great for Lawns, Gardens and Pasture.

Here's the link you need.
Order our $3.35 Soil Test Kit Packet with instructions

Our Garden - Mid Summer - Everything under the sun thanks to AGGRAND!
Our own garden - Theres several tomato plants in here too.. We look forward to all the fresh vegetables every summer. 

Information Center

Garding Guide UPDATED! Garding Guide UPDATED!

Foliar feeding makes up for the unknowns!
Foliar Feeding - The AGGRAND Advantage! Foliar Feeding - The AGGRAND Advantage!
Agrand Fertilizer Product Insight

Main product descriptions guiding you to their best use. Main product descriptions guiding you to their best use.

Large scale crop guide
Large Scale Crop Guide Large Scale Crop Guide

Adding Aggrand to soil renews lost energy and life.
Soil applications

You need to know more about fertilizer numbers. Please read.
What you should know about fertilizer numbers

Bedding plants use for AGGRAND organic fertilizers.
Bedding plants

Deep Roots care
Deep roots

Overcome soil deficiencies with Foliar Feeding!!
Foliar Applications

Liquid fertilizer rates for gardining - 8 pages.
Soil Application Rate
s for gardening. (8-pages)



Transplants can fail but with our Bonemeal youre in luck.

 Garden transplants

 Drip Tape Systems

 I often receive calls regarding the use of AGGRAND within drip tape systems. The answer is absolutely - it does work but there are some suggestions one must consider for continuous use and maintenance. Here is a 15 page study covering your driptape use and AGGRAND 4-3-3 fertilizer and the 0-12-0 bonemeal products.
Please feel free to call and discuss your particular situation if needed.

 These are our photos - not some fake or borrowed produce picture.

These are actual vegetables from our organic aggrand garden!

Organic tomatoes have longer shelf life when treated with Aggrand Sulfate of Potash.

Pre-treating the soil this Spring - More photos to come.

With AGGRAND Natural Products, there are no manufactured chemical residues or toxic fillers; the environment is safe for your children and pets, and for you to reap your bountiful harvest.
AGGRAND natural lawn, garden and agricultural products bring the future here for you today! 1-800-579-0580 Ches Cain AMSOIL/AGGRAND Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
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AGgrand Liquid Organic Fertilizer

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