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How to return the natural processes back into the soil
potting_soil.jpgCarbon is the essential ingredient plants need to maintain processes to absorb energy. Without it, nitrogen and other catalysts such as phosphate would not be available. Unlike chemical fertilizers which force feed plants and create a lack of carbon, organic chemistry stimulates micro activity which provides necessary physical changes as well as a catalyst to deliver primary, secondary nutrients and many important trace elements to various parts of the plant.

You will be amazed by the results when your organic program is fully operational. Watch natures laws go into motion when you finally reach that perfect balance.

The first step is to eliminate compacted soil through aeration.
Once your garden or lawn is established you will find your carefully selected crops, plants and the new living organisms will maintain this process naturally. We will be adding to the soil to help establish the needed air to soil ratio. In some cases before this step it may be necessary to have the soil tested. We do have test kits (Order the G-1374) which we use to guide you in the proper direction. But for most soils, if you do your homework and follow these tips, the natural balance of materials will be achieved - shifting the ph to the correct level without any testing.

Next, add organic ingredients. Before I followed these steps, I was already using AGGRAND 4-3-3 natural liquid organic fertilizer for two years and had stopped using chemical fertilizers and pesticides so the soil was starting to detoxify itself. What you are trying to do here is supply the existing dirt with plenty of dead plant and animal material in the form of compost. This is the main step in supplying the important microbes to your lawn or garden. Unless the soil is severely compacted or you are working with a hard clay (gumbo) soil you should not need to add too many soil enriching amendments (manure, earthworm castings, blood meal) as the 4-3-3 contains the nourishment found in those products already. Add the 4-3-3 to the soil as the temperature cools in the evening or in the next morning at the rate of 2 ounces per gallon using the included AGGRAND hose applicator or by using your own adjustable hose end sprayer canister.

You can buy compost almost anywhere but there is nothing better than having your own compost pile to assist working around the clock!

Other suggested additions

Research and use locally available lava sand (profound effects on soil - use one 40 or 50 pound bag per 1,000 sq feet), greensand (same rate as the lave sand), diatomaceous earth (food grade), and dry molasses (although not necessary after initial application as AGGRAND 4-3-3 contains molasses already)

Use AGGRAND Sulfate of Potash (Product code - NKP) to balance the soil and strengthen the heat, drought and cold tolerance of the plants.

Important for lawns broadcast the AGGRAND Liquid Bonemeal 0-12-0 three times per season to increase vigor. Also recommended as a starter for seeds and bulbs as well as a fall top dressing on flower beads.

There are dozens of other natural amendments you can add to your soil to increase or adjust nutrients. We also suggest you research any pest or weed problem thoroughly to find the best organic solution to attack. You will find that AGGRAND works well with any program you choose and most organic solutions cost less and use less time than conventional chemical treatments. We all end up being much better off!

More information:

Please see our application rates section or newsletters for more information regarding successful planting techniques per crop.

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